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The best coffee shops in Hoi An

Hoi An, just like the rest of Vietnam, is addicted to coffee. Every crack and corner has a small coffee shop. There are several ways of serving coffee but a Vietnamese classic is coffee on ice with condensed milk. This option is a must try. The deliciously sweet cool drink is the perfect pick me up when the heat becomes a little overwhelming and you want to keep on exploring.

Find the nearest coffee shop, usually small red chairs with a bunch of Vietnamese men relaxing like there is no tomorrow. The small and local coffee shops are by far the best and most authentic experience. A must try!

The best cup of coffee in town

The best cup of coffee in Hoi An is a age old debate. These are our preferences. Due do Vietnam’s tropical weather, coffee is mostly served over ice. Due to this popular technique, cold brew has become a big favourite among travellers and locals in and around Hoi An. We recommend Rosie’s Cafe. Each day starts with a fresh batch, this unique method extracts so much flavour, absolutely delicious. It also has a bit of a kick.

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If you are looking for a traditional cup of coffee, a black Americano, then Espresso Station is your place. Prepare to spend a bit more than the local spots but it is well worth it. Beans are roasted on site and the bustling cafe has colourful crowd pouring in and out during the day. Never a dull moment at Espresso station.

Buying and making your own coffee

Due to its high demand you are able to buy freshly ground coffee around every corner and suitable apparatuses. All you need is a kettle and you are good to go. Being one of the  biggest coffee bean producers in the world, you are guaranteed to find some good quality caffeine in your neighbourhood. Get ready for the real deal, there are two things Vietnamese take very seriously, scooters and their coffee.

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