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If the Fun’s time for your VietNam tour is a lot you will definitely not to be miss Mekong Delta, region of southern Vietnam, where they are famous as selling and purchasing product  by boat. It is also the country’s largest coconut planting areas, provided the products of coconut for the local population as well as tourists.

Coconut wax, also known as coconut bowel or coconut cream specialties, coconut copra is kind of thick, soft, flexible and fat than other types of coconut, coconut milk and viscous like dew. This is the only specialty in Tra Vinh, Vietnam.

Coconut wax present in Tra Vinh about 1960. There are other documents say that the  coconut wax tree appeared in Cau Ke District in 1942 by a monk to visit Cambodia Khmer bring the small tree back to Viet Nam.

A wax coconut tree growing from 3-4 years, each tree gives about 10 coconut fruits , but only 3 that can be used. the remaining fruits are useless.

The price of the coconut wax is extremely expensive, somebody says in funny way, even if you have numerous money, you still can not buy one. Because of the rare and delicious coconut, the demand of this fruits is high.. Price of 1 normal coconut is from 5.000 to 10.000 VND (0.25 to 0.5 US$), but for the Coconut wax, price is unexpected: around 170.000 to 400.000 VND (8 to 20 US$)

Coconut wax can be processed in several ways:
_ Vitamin coconut wax: fresh coconut milk + water + sugar + ice
(This is a delicious smoothie with gentle aroma of coconut, blending the sweetness of milk and the viscosity of coconut fat and wax to create a very special flavor that only coconut wax can bring . apart when processing a combination of vitamin can add cocoa, coffee, chocolate or some other ingredients to create new flavors for drinks.)
Note: if the coconut is too flexible or hard Blender can tan coconut 1 small hot water to soften.

Coconut milk _ merged beams (similar to beam butter dish milk) coconut milk + sugar + water + ice
(Enjoy enough wax in this way will be most clearly felt the entire special flavor of coconut wax, from the aroma, sweet, to the viscosity of coconut fat).

– Coconut wax have higher levels of coconut oil often, more so distinct aroma can become your character application in the production of confectionery, Desiccated Coconut, Coir acne, like any other type of coconut palm wax can also produce copra, coconut jelly (Nata De Coco), coconut jam, coconut cream, …
– The resin obtained from coconut inflorescence can be used to produce fermented coconut wine, charcoal, …


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