HoiAn seems just a small area but it’s really good at having loyal customers by those fantastic buildings, beautiful corner or even just the way it is. That’s why, besides the landmarks, landscapes, historic old city, Hoi An also owns an extremely valuable treasure – beautiful coffee shops. Let us show you in this topic.

  1. Mót Hội An

The name first appeared in the main list is Mót – a name that sounds very cute and rustic. Space bar just as well as the name, or can be called … the sidewalk where the shop is located, style casual, only a few chairs to sit, but it is also the point that visitors fascinated and loved this shop in Hoi An


Hoi An Tran Phu street pavement but also exudes a unique style. Called a cafe like that, but in fact, this shop known for herb tea and lemongrass, with a price extremely pleasant cheap. A plastic cup of simple water from herbs, tangy taste lemongrass, together with the county jujube and specially decorated a lotus petal and lemon leaf. Just evoke very Hoi An, but also has unique just cannot be mixed.


Simple from space to drinks, but one was a cafe must check-in in Hoi An

Address: 150 Tran Phu Street Sidewalk.
Price from: 12.000 VND / person.

  1. Cocobox

Beautiful cafe in Hoi An is built on the concept cafe with selling associated organic agricultural products – a business model is quite common in European countries.

This is also a nice coffee shop in Hoi An you should not ignore if you want to call “hunt” out of the old town. It may look like a European cafe classic. But there are features to tune with breathing space and oriental characteristics of Hoi An. Visit Cocobox, you can enjoy a continental breakfast and immerse in space peaceful, warm yellow light of the same color together so Hoi An.


The elegance of the decoration, combined with a lot of drinks delicious extremely diverse. Especially vitamins from fruits and vegetables every day is the “guise of” clinging guest to Cocobox. Furthermore, the water in the menu is set to the name that is strange, but also full of Hoi An like: An Bang Colada, Good Morning Hoi An, Relax Thu Bon … as well as a sharp stylized for the restaurant.


Located between the colorful streets of Hoi An, Cocobox not only a favorite cafe of Vietnamese tourists, but also addresses frequented by foreign tourists. Here, you can find yourself a glass of juice, a softly Western breakfast. Still be able to purchase agricultural products quality to bring back as gifts such as coffee, palm oil, tea, honey, spices …


  • 94 Le Loi Street
  • 03 Chau Thuong Van
  • 42 Bach Dang
  • 95 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Price: 20.000 ~ 50.000vnđ/person.

  1. The Chef

Do not mistakenly believe this is an expensive Western-style restaurant. It is also a destination marketing nice cafe in Hoi An. And also owns abundant menu – you should not miss it! The attraction of The Chef came from around the terrace of the restaurant, with a pole layout artist and “so deep” photoshoot. This corner of The Chef terrace decorated with lanterns, trees twinkling stated; not including, standing. From here you can see the panoramic roof Hoi An with equal fairness, not only bright sunshine but also twilight.

Beautiful coffee shop in Hoi An, serves tasty coffee.


Although sometimes have a little sunny but anyone who comes to this nice cafe in Hoi An as The Chef also is “not afraid to be tanned”, by whatever sunlight is also a great support for photography. If you are a photography enthusiast, or like to hunt the gallery in Hoi An can go right to The Chef. A deep photo album is waiting for you.


The name of The Chef may be fairly new to visitors; Despite carrying an ancient part. .. slightly a little Moss. 2nd floor, which serves coffee, is quite attractive with dark wooden walls, you can just drink coffee just to chat with friends, or even sit pore of her favorite book page.

Address: 166 Tran Phu Str.

Price: from 30.000VND/person

  1. Faifo Coffee

Faifo is a nice coffee shop in Hoi An you can not miss when visiting this ancient city, because it gives you a very different perspective on Hoi An – Faifo from above. Located at 130 Tran Phu Street, the main attractions of Faifo Coffee precisely because it chooses the style “coffee rooftop”. In Hoi An ancient town with no tall buildings cover the eye can see, only the color tile roof moss government time to make up each class fawn photo extremely artistic and romantic.


Faifo Coffee is located in an old house two floors, pretty quiet, simply furnished with color golden brown mainstream, just warm medium represents the color of tea and coffee – drinks familiar shop. Beautiful cafe in Hoi An is also the ideal location for “coffee addict population” and anyone who delights Photo Hunt.

Coming to Faifo you’ll feel a slow pace of life, not chaotic and noisy, a little modern about sweeping in the ancient features, the roof springs located close together, with the road winding old town and coffee flavor loitering ecstatic heart.


In the end of the sunset is a great time to visit Faifo Hoi An and begin strokes for a scene full of Hoi An gorgeous: Light shining yellow, overlaid red tile roofs and lanterns begin lighting.

Address: 130 Tran Phu Str.

Price: 20.000VND – 70.000VND / person

  1. The Deck House

Temporarily “leave town” a little bit, we will come to a Beach Cafe, which is The Deck House. With open space towards the sea, designed with blue tones-cool white eyes, step into the space of The Deck House will make you instantly feel cool, and as you are in Santorini.

The place with light blue and white


Located in An Bang beach near Hoi An, The Deck House with green space between the immense sea, vast. You can combine visiting coffee shops in Hoi An this beautiful. And also visiting famous beaches of Quang Nam or shooting in the mural village of Tam Thanh – extremely convenient!

Address: An Bang Beach.

Price: 50.000VND – 150.000VND/ person

  1. Hoi An Roastery

If you already knew every corner of Hoi An, you can skip review followed here, as it will be referred to a cafe chain beautiful Hoi An extremely familiar and beautiful from the table: Hoi An Roastery is. Hoi An is Roastery coffee shop roasters of Hoi An with 7 different coffee shops in the heart of the old town. You can consult the full address 7 frameworks under this article.


Though the common name is Hoi Roastery, many people believe that Center in 47 Le Loi Roastery is the most beautiful layouts with ample space and take a breath. Emphasis in the place to be for is nice cafe in Hoi An is the wooden truss, combined with unique ceiling spotlights are stylized from bird cages made of bamboo. On this, you can come here, to experience and see is the branch for you are the most beautiful!


Because of this is a roasted coffee shop with a modern grind machine, the coffee flavor here has a bold and passionate fragrance. You can also enjoy some Italian ice cream – a combination of coffee and ice cream was really great.


  • Roastery Center – 47 Le Loi Str.
  • Market – 31 Tran Phu Str.
  • Hoi An Roastery Riverside/ Hoi An Roastery Bistro – 95 Bach Dang Str.
  • Roastery Japanese Bridge – 135 Tran Phu Str.
  • Roastery Temple – 685 Hai Ba Trung Str.
  • Roastery Lantern Str – 117 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str.

Price: from 35.000VND/ person.

  1. Cocobana

If you like the item or how to decorate the main material used bamboo ladders so Cocobana at No. 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc is the place for you. Beautiful cafe in Hoi An is a corner devoted to exhibiting and also as an accent with many conical, the familiar objects made from the bamboo ladder, rattan, and bamboo.


They are combined and set to an arbitrary way, but full of creativity and layered, creating an overall bright but still very harmonious, gentle and full of surprises that you could not look away.

In particular, in Cocobana is also have a making paper space, a small garden fish tank; enough space for you to explore and dream a little dream. With those you love to play with art, photography or want to have a photo corner check-in is incredible, full of artistic then don’t hesitate that visit Cocobana immediately!

Address: 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str.

Price: from 30.000VND/person.


  1. U Café

Nice cafe in Hoi An next thing Kim An would like to introduce to you a little bit different. U Café is founded by a Japanese girl, so it has a space unlike the coffee presented before. It also brings a quiet, classic vapor, but does not take advantage of the familiar definition of Hoi as Moss tile roof, walls, lanterns …


But, in return, U Café space surrounded by a Lake of flowers of the same vines, looking straight out of the Hoai river. Consistent layout and style still thinking possibly Japan, adding a bit of old-World Europe, modern classic.
In particular, the Café has a homemade Kakigori shaved ice dish, typical of Japan. If on a hot day, then U is a 10 best choice Café in Hoi An ancient town.


Address: 120 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Str.

Price: from 20.000VND/person

  1. Hoi An Bread Break

Hoi An Bread Break name if translated will hear a very close and dear, is the Vietnamese Banh Mi. Beautiful cafe in Hoi An mainly sells two “specialty” of Vietnam, one is bread, and two is coffee.


Tradition shone from familiar dishes of Vietnam, blended with modern features from the design and interior space offers a very personal charm to Break Bread.

Combo special shop bread is part of Hoi An, with a special coffee shop’s preparation. You can sit down, or choose to eat at the rooftop cool, available amenities Hoi An look at the landscape from above. On the terrace, you can see the panorama old town, with layers of undulating red-orange roof tiles until the trees where alluvial Thu Bon River.


Address: 68 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str.

Price: from 20.000VND. person

  1. Rosie’s Café

And finally, the listed cafe in Hoi An this beautiful Rosie’s Café is on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. Rosie’s Café properly prepare a cafe born believers “virtually live”, because every corner, every little detail is cared meticulously decorated, most refined. Should “stick it where shooting” 100% guaranteed beautiful photos ecstatic to be taken.


The space of the restaurant is a blend of a Hoi An ancient expressed through objects wooden furniture, brown tones warm yellow ancient and modern features, youthful with the wall blank, interior style simplify.

At the same time, because is designed in open space should you arrived here, you will feel everywhere filled with light and greenery, like always! You can spoil be sipping coffee, chatting with my best friends both hard or enjoy tranquility with favorite books.

@ __q1am__

A small note is consistent only open until 17:00, so you go in the morning or enlist the evening slightly.

Address: 8/6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Str.

Price: 20.000VND – 50.000VND/ person

Translated from Traveloka