Extending your holiday in Vietnam? Hoi An is your place.

Hoi An offer an incredible infrastructure for travellers to settle down and take a few weeks off. A tourist hub also catering for expats, this means you are able to experience the true Hoi An and have a little luxury here and there. Expats have been staying in Hoi An for years and at the moment they have a strong community which keeps on growing. Job opportunities for expats:

  •    Teach English
  •    Manage Hotels/Resorts
  •    Au Pair
  •    Manage/Waiter at restaurants or bars.
  •    Freelance online work

There is enough work in Vietnam for expats. Be sure to have the correct paper work and you could be living and working in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Finding long term accommodation in Hoi An. 

When staying in Hoi An you want to have the best house with the best location. In Vietnam anything is possible. Realtors are adequate and will show you whatever you need, anything from a studio apartment to 4-bedrooms houses. There are always expats coming and going which makes life easy regarding available furnished homes.  You will find that it is a lot easier to secure job in Hoi An and Da Nang if you are in the country and able to attend and interview. It is a common practice, getting to know each other. Asian time is a thing.

Everyday life as an expat in Hoi An

A typical day starts with a very strong cup of coffee and a delicious meaty broth and rice noodles. To make the most of life in Vietnam you need to immerse yourself in the strong culture and be open for all the lovely experiences being thrown your way. Vietnam is a friendly and accommodating nation. Expect plenty of invite from working colleagues and new friends. Lunch usually consists of a Banh Mi (small baguette with pickled veg and grilled meat, be sure to ask for no meat if vegetarian) and followed by a well-deserved nap.

Dinner is done river side with beers and friends. Notice the small amount of work mentioned, yes, that is the life in Vietnam, Hoi An, slow down and take a breath.