Falling in love with Hoi An and want to spend every moment here, you definitely can not miss those Floating Lantern on the Hoai river. Looking at those sparkles lantern on the river, it’s just like fireflies in the city. Tourists easy to find themselves an inner peace corner.

One of the attractive specialties culture in Hoi An for the night is dropping flower lantern on the river. Excluded special days or festivals, just normal days, people gather around the center of Hoi An. Those colorful lanterns are sparkling, create a mesmerizing multi-layered light space. Tourists come to Hoi An, drop lanterns like they free their soul, wandering on the river to feel peaceful, gentle,..of their mind.

Hoi An by night with boats and lanterns were dropped into water

Floating Lantern – one of beautiful culture in Hoi An by night

If by day, The Hoai river is characterized by the image of gentle paddles sweeping down, peaceful scenery, people are slowly, slowly making a living. But by night, Hoi An attracts tourists by a different space, so bustling, gorgeous and sparkling, and incredibly romantic.

The Lantern Release Festival is a festival to light the beautifully decorated lanterns and drop them into the river. Images of lightened flowers by night are meant to honor the spiritual and cultural values of Vietnamese people on major holidays. In addition, according to Buddism, the light of Flower Lanterns when being dropped into the river means to pray for peace, glorify for the country, wish all people happy and wealthy.

Has a poetic Hoai River and massive culture heritage with hundreds of years of age. The Lantern Festival in Hoi An at night becomes a typical culture of the Old town. Each lantern is a good prayer, everyone with a lantern lit up is a benevolent and peaceful mind for themselves and relatives, dispelling all suffering and troubles, bring joy and happiness

Release Lantern in Hoi An by night in which day is most beautiful?

Tourists come to Hoi An in any days still can drop the Flower Lantern. Having those sparkling lanterns, tourists can easily buy from street vendors along the banks of the Hoai River. With only 20.000VND, they will have 3 beautiful Flower lanterns in your hands.

Old lady try to sell flower lantern in brigdeold lady sells flower lantern in Hoi An brigde

However, it’s ideally to drop Flower Lantern into Hoai River on the full moon day, the first day of the lunar month, or every Saturday. On these days, the street will be prohibited from vehicles. Local people start to drop lanterns early, from 4 pm. But at 6 pm, Hoi An will have no electric lights, and quiet space was lit by lanterns full of colors, incredibly virtual, brilliant and romantic.

Especially on the Buddha’s Birthday (15/4 lunar calendar), Hoi An at night becomes even more special when pagodas are decorated with flags, banners, lanterns. It shines brightly in every street corner. The festival on that day is also more spectacular. It’s attracting a large number of a domestic and foreign visitor to participate as traditional culture.

Buddha with 7 lotuses in river, symbols of Buddhism, celebrate Buddha's birthday

The boat ride and release lantern flower – Experience Hoi An at night with twice of interesting feeling.

Peaceful Hoai River

Dropping Flower lantern by the riverside is an interesting feeling for tourists when coming to Hoi An by night. But the feeling will be double when you release from a boat.

Just step down to Bach Dang riverside, the boatmen with a gentle smile are waiting to take you on the Hoai River. You have a chance to watch the panorama of the ancient town shimmering in the night. Inhaling the fresh air from the river, dropping the flower lanterns on the romantic Hoai River.

Separating from the bustling street of Hoi An at night, you will feel more peaceful when sitting on the boat. Must count on watching the flower lights sparkling in the river.

Flower lantern in Kiman HoiAn Hotel & Spa.

Floating lantern in Kim An's swimming poolFloating lantern in Kim An's swimming pool

One of the special day at Kim An especially, or in worldwide general, is New years ‘eve. At Kiman hotel, we celebrate by a gala dinner . The party is served with more than 40 dishes for a maximum of 50 guests. Our guests and we become a family, join every little game or sing a little song. At 11:59 pm, we prepare to start a count-down-party with joyful and happiness. Last but not least, our guests were given a flower lantern made by hotel staff. And together we made wishes for family, relatives and for ourselves, more than that, we prayed for a lucky, happy year.