Travel Cham island is the journey to discover the most beautiful island of Hoi An-Quang Nam, where many famous attractions such as the Cham Island’s beach, diving coral, walking under the sea, the Temple of the Sea, 200-year-old well … The long white sandy beach, clear smooth and Green Coast horizon.

Presenting to you oodles of experience is drawn through the Cham island trip fact to share today for you, to get you a trip to Cham Island full of fun assured. Because this article contains many informations and best in Cham Island travel guide or share other Cham Island Tour experience that you have ever been.

You should save the information for use when there is no signal for 3g on this island, no wifi or battery about to die. Don’t let you wait long, let’s get started!

  1. Go to Cham Island, when?

Tourism Cham as well as other places in the central region has two distinct seasons, rainy and sunny but by the impact of the phenomenon of climate change globally. In 2016, a little rainfall only a few storms that affected part of the island.

If you want to make sure your trip is not affected, monitor the weather forecasts regularly before booking air tickets, train tickets.

Then you should most reasonable to Cham Island Travel approximately 1/3 – 30/9, a little note at the beach, the average between the end of April to mid-May is okay.

Most beautiful locations for bathing and diving are the Hon Cham Long and Bai Xep …

  1. Transportation to Cham Island? 

To travel with the Cham island-Hoi An, the vehicles mostly by people on the island most moved by the amphibious equipment such as:

– High Speed Vessels
– Wood boat
– Fishing boats
– High speed boats rental

Also if you want to go around the island sports can choose for themselves the Ritalin (fishermen on the island of motorcycle rental price of 150.000-200.000/1 day. And motor gasoline costs visitors self-sufficient) before starting the car the visitors note on many of the steep and rugged hard going, need to check the brake system. And the special thing you must take note is should wear an helmet when in traffic.

  1. What to eat in Cham Island

I’m so pleased share to you some of the dining experience at Cu Lao Cham and dishes with bold culinary Cham Island can not be ignored when you come to Cham

Cham Island Location, visitors can not ignore and enjoy the seafood specialties typical of beach tourism in the island green, cool dubbed elected atmospheric born world recognized by UNESCO. Cham tourism explore and enjoy the typical dishes of the sea …

Ốc vú nàng – Screws breast, a famous specialty of the coastal region notorious central immediately from its name. Ốc vú nàng shell conch cone shape, like breasts of the girls of puberty, body building green yellow phase. But each time his hand touched the switch to a demure pink.

Stone Grab – The average large stone crabs just a fist, and the colors are very impressive, apricot and violet brown limbs, abdomen and yellowing nursery. Stone crabs are healthy, run fast, and often started out of the den lú only at night to eat. It was then that the residents on the island of stone crab hunting.

A crab hunter, said that having 10 animals hunt, catch 4-5 children is a very long career. Also due to the “crime” fast running, endurance, climbing strong. The water boiled crab was tinged taste sweet, soothing sound, superior toughness crabmeat crab, crab, not slightly fishy smell.

Stone grab -  speciality in Cham, needs to be conserved

In Cham island, wild veggetable growing wild in the foothills, is quite rich in variety, with a few dozen types: vegetable swamps vegetable field, vegetable underground back, plantains … In late spring, early summer is the main season harvest vegetables this island’s forests. There are many ways of processing wild vegetables. Often people mix types together, so the new meets the bitter, spicy, sweet, fleshy, fat. The simplest is boiled vegetables, fish sauce garlic chili thorn (type sauce made by fish fresh from the sea origin here).

  1. Where to stay in Cham Island

The system of the Cham island homestay in its distribution according to each specific area, arranged according to the standard of the hotel so you can contact easily, quickly. To ensure that there be at least 15 days in advance when you travel to Cham. The homestay in Cham are served free breakfast, also rates include tax and service charge about 5 -10%.

Houses on Cham island tourism is not the same as the hotel or area as in the mainland, which is the homestay but very interesting with any of the visitors would like to explore and experience this island. The price of services of homestay varies from 100.000đ – 200.000đ/person or 300.000đ/room for 2 people. Homestay mainly stay in the area of Beach Village.

You can contact a few Homestay addresses as below:

Ms Tam Hien Homestay
Address: Bai He, Cham, Quang Nam
Tel: 0120 618 3516

Ms Bich Van Homestay
Address: Bai He, Cu Lao Cham Quang Nam
Tel: 01695007779

Mr Huynh Van Tri Homestay
Address: Beach Village, Cham, Quang Nam
Telephone: 0974994189

Ms Thu Trang Homestay
Address: Beach Village, Cham, Quang Nam
Telephone: 0985237941

Ms Lan Homestay
Address: Bai Huong, Cham, Quang Nam
Tel: 0510 3863822

Ms Homestay Association
Address: Bai Huong, Cham, Quang Nam
Telephone: 0986651448

coral diving in Cham island

The Homestay This not only provides accommodation service back but also provides full guests additional services such as: food services, laundry, car rental, guides, boat rentals, diving san coral … People here are gentle, friendly and supporting very enthusiastic traveler.

Due to the Cham Islands Homestay at very little so I just would like to post some Homestay in Cham ok standard and many people choose to Cu Lao Cham.

     5. Where to go in Cham Island

The sights that you should visit the Tourism Cu Lao Cham as follows:

The sights in Cham island are Cham Museum,  ancient well of Champa people, Hang Yen, Seafood Market, Hai Tang, fishing zone village, swiftlet bird net village, locks. Rent a motorbike tour around the island, rent boats take to the island, or hire a wooden fishing boat…

Kayak paddle on blue sea Cham island

      6. Ticket fee to Cham Island

For those you want to travel Cham self should grasp some information about fees Cham Island as follows:

Tickets Canoes highway: 450,000 / 2-way pickup

Conservation fee: 90,000 / 1 guest
Island entrance fee: 30,000 / 1 guest

Sanitation fee: 20,000 / 1 guest

      7. Cham what to buy as a gift? 

Specialties, gifts for relatives friends, or to spend when you get home to enjoy after a trip to Cham Island as:

Tourism Cham Island Hoi An outer landscapes beautiful sea and people peaceful island along with special dishes, gifts for relatives friends, or to spend when you get home to enjoy after a trip Cham Island as:

Fresh seafood: these shrimp like lobster, stone crab a specialty the only only here, all kinds of fish, crabs, (where to buy the best buy at the seafood Market Cu Lao Cham)

Dried squid on Cham island - KimAn hotel
– Assorted fresh seafood: shrimp, crab, fish, crabs, squid
– Lobster
– Quick dried squid
– Wild pineapple dried
– Cake make from sycamore
And especially the hammocks made of sycamore (only just at the Cham Island, is where you can place an order. After 1 month will receive the Sycamore hammocks was done by hand. Price for 1 hammock from 2,500,000 – 3,500,000 / 1 hammocks).

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