List with best restaurants to go to in Hoi An

There are few things better than exploring the local cuisine when on holiday, especially an exotic location as Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine is light, fresh and bursting with flavour. Our favourite restaurants have treaded deep tracks into our hearts and we cant wait to share them with you.

  •    Nu Eatery – A lovely restaurant serving the best Vietnamese food with an international twist.
  •    Rosies Café – A cute little café in the middle of Hoi An Ancients town.
  •    The Central Food Market – Food to die for. And in abundance

Nu Eatery will open your eyes to Vietnamese cooking

Nu Eatery serves all the local favourites you will find on Vietnams street corners. But, it has taken each dish to the next level by selecting only the best characteristics of each dish and empowering it. Each dish comforts and excites the taste buds. Be sure to book a table as seating can fill up a few days in advance.

Rosies Café is your place to reset and recharge. Owned by two lovely Vietnamese girls, they cook and entertain all day long. Rosies Café opens for breakfast until late afternoon. The menu consists of fresh smoothies and scrumptious light meals. Pull in and sit back, watch the world pass through the cute alley it is situated in and find some peace of mind.

The Hoi An food market is a street food mecca.

The Hoi An food market produces an amazing amount of street food all day long. As you walk in to the Hoi AN Food market you will be welcomed by fresh juices being pressed, flavour overload and all your senses being stimulated. You can find the freshest and most flavoursome dishes on your Vietnam trip in this big food hall.  We recommend you try a classic bowl of Cao Lau and a plate filled with fresh spring rolls. Grab a seat and start feasting. Hoi An is an exceptional gem of a town and theses three locations will fill your heart and bellies with joy.