You have traveled too long?
You feel bored when eating Vietnamese food every day? 
You’re in Hoi An and feel craving for a burger – the real burger with the real cook?
These are shops that you may choose to enjoy:

  1. Chef burger

Open Time: 12:00 to 20:00 everyday

Address: 10/14 Bach Dang Street. (go to the alley about 50m.)

Price: $$

“Found this place via TripAdvisor and was not disappointed. The serving size was huge and the combo was delicious. The homemade fries and onion rings were amazing and made the combo even better. The young waitress’s English was very good and she was eager to have a conversation with our table. We all ordered different burgers and the quality of the salad, burger, and fries was excellent.” – Billie

  1. Hoi An Burger Plus

Open Time: 10:00 to 22:00

Address: 22 Phan Boi Chau Street.

Price: $$

“Such amazing burgers and chips in this little restaurant on the corner of a beautiful street. Such good quality food for a really good price and friendly staff. Would come back here any day” – Carmen L

HoiAn burger plus - one of the burger shops in Hoi An

  1. Jim’s snack bar

Open Time: 11:00 to 21:00

Address: 552 Hai Ba Trung Street.

Price: $$$

jim's snackbar, one of burger shops in HoiAn

“I found Jim’s Snack bar through trip advisor and after seeing the mostly positive reviews I knew me and my family had to go. The decor of the bar looked very cozy and retro-ish. I really liked the look. The bathrooms are also clean as a whistle. We ordered poutine, chili fries, and 3 burgers.

The Baby Jim burger was by far the best! It was sweet, savory, salty and all the right flavors. I recommend eating it with the optional orange-ish burger sauce. We also got a classic burger which was good. When it came to the blue cheese burger I read in a review that they serve you an ice cream scoop sized dollop of blue cheese within the burger! And they were not kidding, there was a lot of cheese. But don’t worry its not purely blue cheese it was mixed with another type of cheese so it was not overpowering. As my first time trying poutine I was very impressed.

It wasn’t just fries and gravy as listed on the menu, the gravy came laced with cheese which tasted great with the fries (we went back for seconds). The chili fries were ok but the meat that accompanied the chips was a bit dry. Other than that Jim’s Snack bar offered an excellent experience which is well deserving of its trip advisor rating! The food left me wishing I had an extra stomach! Too bad I only found this place in the last 2 days of my holiday” –  aijijai

  1. Ivo Deli

Open Time: — — ( all day)

Address: 52 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.

Price: $$$

ivo deli - 3 different buns

“We found this burger store online. They have very very good service: quick online reply and super fast shipment. The burger was delicious, the dough is still crunchy.
I highly recommend this store to anyone in Hoi An both local and tourists!” – HunTan

This burger shop is quite famous for their buns. Beside original bun, they provide 2 different types like green and black bun, which is unique.

Burger in Hoi An - ivo deli

  1. Valhalla Grill.

 Open Time: 9:00 to 2:00 (until late)

Address: 585 Hai Ba Trung Street.

Price: $$

valhalla grill - one of burgers shop in Hoi An

This Burger shop just launched in Hoi An few days, It’s new to Hoi An but used to know in Ha Noi or Da Nang. Their menu is the width from burger to falafel, sausage,.. with the price is reasonable.

burger shop in vahalla - one of the best in Hoi An

” Big claim right and purely subjective. The chips were thin and crispy without losing the potato in the middle. The sauce was real sauce without the sugary taste. I ordered a regular pulled pork burger as well that was so full of flavor and not too much mayo that it falls apart in the first bite. The burger was still intact right to the end. Loved that they offer two sizes. The regular and fries are just the right size to start New Year’s Eve.” – Kerrih