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Seeking some adventure, Hoi An is your place.

Apart from being a small historical masterpiece, Hoi An caters for all kinds of travellers. Adventure seekers will feel right at home. There is a time and place for you to relax and sip on a cocktail, but today we are being a little more adventurous and spreading our wings.

  •    Motorbike tours over Hai Van Pass.
  •    Deep Sea fishing.
  •    Marble Mountain Abseiling

These are all a must when visiting this beautiful coastal town. Pack your sandals and some boots filled with adventure.

Motorbike tours are the best way to see Vietnam

Motorbike tours are a breath taking adventure for two reasons, your driving abilities will be tested like never before and the scenic routes are some of the best in the world. You cant go wrong when you are on the back of a bike heading over Hai Van Pass. Hai Van Pass has become a famous route to tick off your bucket list as it offers a beautiful ride and is the best way to cover some miles in style. With the most beautiful views and greats road surface, this is a must for all Vietnam holiday goers.

After a arriving in Hoi An on your motorbike, book your seat on a deep sea fishing boat. It is time to catch your dinner and provide for your friends or family. Be sure to pack some colds beers as the Vietnamese enjoy taking a nap after lunch, and there are few things better than having a beer and a nap on a boat.

Abseiling down the Marble Mountains 

The Marble Mountains played an important role during the American war in Vietnam. Once a monastery and make shift hospital, these mountains carry a special energy and have a deep remembrance among the locals. Mining of marble has been banned to preserve what is left of these beautiful mountains. Now it’s time to strap up and get some adventure going. You will walk up and slide down from the top of a hill into a very deep cave. Local guides and professional abseillers make for an unforgettable day filled with culture and adventure.  

Stay with us!

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