Top guided tours in Hoi An

There is something beautiful about sitting back on a guided tour. It is the epitome of being on holiday. You do not have to think for one second. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy Vietnam’s rich culture. Hoi An guides are all qualified and have excellent knowledge about the history and surrounding areas.

  •    Motorbike Guided tours
  •    Hoi An Ancient town walking tours
  •    My Son Temple tours
  •    Guided food tours

This is a must when visiting Hoi An. A guided tour will give you great insight regarding history, food habits or the surrounding areas of Hoi An. Village tours give you a lovely sneak peak of country life and how simplistic and slow paced it can be.

Guided food and Ancient Town tours

The guided food tours hit two nails with one blow. You will have a day filled with delicious food tasting and getting to learn about how these ingredients are planted, harvested and how they all play an important role in Vietnam. Hoi An Ancient town is filled with temples and religious building of prayer. This is a big must when visiting this cute little town. The guides will have access to areas where you alone cannot venture and being able to listen to the rich history of this beautiful town is a real treat.

My Son temples tours for the early birds

The My Son Temples are to be visited early morning. You will see the sunrise over the mountains and be on some holy grounds for a very special trip. There are some damaged buildings due to American bombers but it is still a breath taking site to visit. You will take a bus there before the crack of dawn and return on a boat cruising into Hoi An, enriched and relaxed.