Vietnamese (Hoi An) dishes which you need to try.

Hoi An, Vietnam is famous for a few dishes. Unique to this special little town. Due to it being a trading port centuries ago, the local taste buds grew accustomed to new spices and herbs being brought ashore. As some of these dishes may now be seen in across Vietnam, is has its own unique taste in the heart of Hoi An.

  • Banh Mi
  • Cao Lau
  • Com Ga
  • Quang Noodles

Unique to Hoi An, full of flavour.

Cao Lau is a dish created with rice noodles and ashes from nearby islands. Therefore, a real Cao Lua is unique to the area. It is served with a lovely broth, fresh and crispy greens, topped with some delicious pork. Each region in Vietnam has its own unique take on Banh Mi’s. The baguette changes and so do the fillings, one thing is for sure, they are all super duper delicious. 

Com Ga is Vietnamese for Chicken and Rice. The yellow rice, due to the turmeric, is fragrant and yummy. Thinly sliced onions and pickles allow for a crunchy treat as you bite into the brothy pulled-chicken. Quang noodles are yellow turmeric rice noodles served with a fishy broth and cooked prawns. Local enjoy it with some extra pork and pickled chillies.

The best places to eat in Hoi An.

We all love a good bite. Stuffing our faces with the best local cuisines all over the world. The important thing is where to find it. Hotel staff are always willing to share their favorite local places. If that is not an option, get on your bicycle and scan for street food stalls which have women and children. Bad news spreads like wildfire and nobody wants to feed their loved young ones ill food. Enjoy and have fun.