Vietnamese morning routines

The Vietnamese are famous for their ridiculously early bed times and crazy early mornings. Vietnamese go to bed before the moon thinks of appearing and it is told they wake the sun in the morning. Good luck trying to get up before anyone else in Vietnam. Locals love a bit of morning movement. As the tropical Vietnamese weather can become quite overwhelming at times, it is best to do any physical activities as early as possible or well after the sun has set.

  •  Running
  •  Cycling
  •  Sports
  • Aerobics

Join this famous tradition, and start your day with a smile.

It won’t take you very long before you find a group of Vietnamese locals stretching and doing all sorts of interesting exercises. The best way to join a group of locals strutting their moves is to either, 1. Start joining the moves and aerobics vibes from a distance. If a local notices you and invites you with a big smile feel free to walk closer and join the group. 2. Walk up to somebody and ask them. This is for the less shy travellers.

Local groups and organized activities.

Most of the morning exercises and routines are groups and friends who meet for an informal gathering to stretch and get the blood flowing before another exciting day in Vietnam kicks into life. Feel free to join but always respect locals as some of them like to have some personal me time before they go to work. Some of the groups are organized dances which will not be as easy to join. Overall, it’s an experience to join a Vietnamese morning routine which you will never forget. Set that alarm as early as possible and get moving. The sun waits for nobody.